Integrate [ln(x)]^2

Volume of revolution

Partial fractions

Work with springs


Biggest cone

Window question

Horizontal slices

signed vs total





Riemann sums

Riemann sums

Riemann sum to definite integral

Riemann sum to definite integral

Average value

Formulas for sums

Riemann sums

ln(x)=-x has a solution

Half-distance travelled

Piece-wise function -- Art!

Piece-wise function -- Final summation

Piece-wise function

Riemann sums

ln(x)=-x has a solution

Mean value theorem bound




Bailey's simulation problem

Pile 5 Marking

Pile 4 Marking

Pile 3 Marking

Pile 2 Marking

Pile 1 Marking

Cases and rank

Rotation matrices

Similarity and nilpotency

Hex with Jordan

Oblique asymptote

Hemi-spherical resevoir

Rolle's theorem for x^2 - 1.

Derivative of 2^x

Rolle vs IVT

Oblique of x*arctan(x)

Logarithmic differentiation.

Oblique asymptote of y=xe^(2/x)

Limit of xe^(2/x)

Logarithmic derivatives

Parallel tangents.

Basis for null(AV)

The Bus Analogy

Growing sandpile

Growing sandpile

Repeated conjugation


Im(A) = Im(AV)

Chain rule

4x3 RREF

Row reducting

Draining cone.

Sliding ladder.

Orthogonal to line.

Equidistant plane.

Null space

Implicit differentiation.

Implicit and Circle

Horizontal asymptote with roots.

Logarithmic differentiation.

Lighthouse question

Find a and b for differentiablity.

Limit of h^(1/3) sin(h).

Plane equidistant from two points

Points and spans.

Kite example


Geometry with Max.

Jeff Im

det and row operations

2x2 Diagonalization



Complex polynomial

Quadratic cos(theta)


More RREF with parameters

RREF with parameters

RREF example

Playing with trees. Rule 3.

Playing with trees. Rule 2, again.

Playing with trees. Rule 2.

Playing with trees.

Row reducing Week 5 Q3.5



Problem Set D Question 3b

Transforming the grid


Adding investments.

Trig limits with reciprocals.

Trig limits.

Interest applied daily vs monthly.

Week 4 q2

Interest on a loan.

Working with sums.

Inverting a quadratic function.

Working with logs

Solving cos(x) and sin(x) from tan(x) = 3

Finding distance to point.

Summation is additive.

Financial calculations.

Geometric series with finance.

Geometric series with numbers.

Geometric series derivation.

Domain absolute value

Absolute value inequality.

Commerce linear system

Row echelon form

Test (txt)

This is a test.

Columns and solutions.