A String Figure Bibliography

This bibliography is copied from the ISFA Bibliography, produced by Tom Storer

"[Regarding Jayne's String Figures and how to make them] Several full-page pictures and 934 other illustrations of cat's-cradles and other string figures. One is appalled at any attempt at description of such a book, so simple and yet so complex, so slight in its purpose, so vast in its revelation, and when one has gone through these more than 400 pages and nearly a thousand pictures he learns that all of this is merely "an introduction," to a real study of string figures." --  1906 review from the Journal of Education

Works for children and/or beginners

Storytelling with String

DVDs and Video Tapes for beginners

Collective Works (all geographic regions)

Unlike the above works, the works in this list are either scholarly in nature or include previously unpublished string figures.


The Arctic



Southeast Asia

Pacific Islands




North American Indians

Central and South American Indians

Europe, Asia, United States, and the Middle East

Works of Mathematical Interest

Other things: