The Wedding
2017-11-11-6 at 22h

Thank you for coming to our wedding!

It was a lot of fun, and we're so happy you came.

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The Certificate
2017-11-11-6 at 22h

We had a Quaker certificate made by: Sharon Schwartz.

The text of the certificate is available here.

The Honeymoon
2017-11-11-6 at 22h

We had a great honeymoon.

We visited Switzerland and London, England.

The travelogue is available here.

Photo Booth
2017-10-15-0 at 18h

We had a photobooth!

The Proposal
2017-10-15-0 at 18h

I proposed in Allan Gardens

Disposable Cameras
2017-10-15-0 at 18h

We had some disposable cameras. Two are still missing.

Please give them back.

Sarah Campbell Photography
2017-10-15-0 at 18h

Sarah took photos!

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