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This blog is for more informal writing which I don’t intend to revise or edit. It’s just day-to-day stuff, quick updates, or ephemenal writing. For more formal writing, see the notes.

Mathematical Experiences

Creating a repertoire of mathematical experiences for sharing with others.


Gratitude, exercise, and meditation as a means of overcoming the grumps and improving well-being.

Doctor Says "Yes!" and A Flooded Basement

The doctor said to exercise and then my basement flooded. I exercised anyway.

Unread Library Books

On returning a stack of unread library books.

Overthinking Blogging

Thoughts about why it is so easy to overthing blogging.

On The Superabundance of Nature

Nature produces a surprising quantity of food.

ROM Louhan

Shanxi Province, sandstone, 11-13th century, Song dynasty.


A sunflower that Mira grew from seed.

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