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This website is made with Hugo and themed by accessible minimalism.

The favicons for this site were generated from this icon over at using Real FavIcon Generator. A local copy of the SVG is here:

An open compass

I used LunaPic’s in-browswer circle-crop tool to make the circle-cropped headshot photo.

Generally, I like to shrink photos to 800x800 using: convert -quality 80 -geometry 800x800 image.jpg image-small.jpg

To get KaTeX to do both inline and display equations, I modified ./layout/partials/ according to Kevin Cazelle’s suggestions here:

And now math looks like this: Inline: $\pi$ Display style: $$\int x\ dx = \frac{1}{2}x^2 + C$$

The website is compiled by Hugo locally, and I use rsync to put it on the server.

rsync -avz /home/pgadey/Hugo/pgadey/ cloudbox:/home/pgadey/public_html


Hugo supports the ability to add shortcodes, or macros, to do all sorts of things. I’ve added a couple shortcodes, but I always seem to forget how they work. And so, I’m putting some reminders to myself here.

The shortcode static makes accessing static resources easier.

  {{< static "share/some-document.pdf" >}}

  ![foo]({{< static "img/foo.png" >}})

The shortcode private allows me to put material here which is shown locally via hugo server but doesn’t get published.

 {{< private >}}

 	This material is private.

 {{< /private >}}

The shortcode gobble just consumes whatever it is given. It is occassionally helpful for keeping post-level to-do lists which are only visible while editing the original source of a post.

{{< gobble >}}

    This vanishes!

{{< /gobble >}}

Change log


Published: May 17, 2021

Last Modified: Jul 9, 2024


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Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or questions about the content, please let me know. Anyone can contact me by email.