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What to Do If You Think I Might Be Dead

This is a work in progress. I'll keep adding to it as more ideas come to me. There are lots of things to put in order.

The purpose of this page is to help ensure that communities I care about know when I pass on. It is incredibly unlikely that it’ll be used any time soon, but I think it is important to have it in place.

If you suspect that I’m dead, please reach out to me by e-mail. I might get back to you and that would be a relief for everyone involved. If you’re almost certain that I’m dead, please reach out to the following organizations to check. If you’re absolutely certain that I’m dead, please let the following organizations know.

Organizations to Contact

Things to Organize

There are a lot of moving parts to be organized here.


Brandon and I have been chatting about death and blogging for a while now. The conversation started when he lost a dear blogging friend, and was at a loss about what to do. He wrote a short series of posts about death and blogging. This got us thinking about what to do with our internet presences when we pass on.

At a deeper level, I want to acknowledge the pain that not knowing whether someone has passed on can cause us. The Toronto Esperanto community is grieving the disappearance of our dear friend, Kenneth Price. Back in 2008, Ken taught me Esperanto by correcting my responses to an online correspondence course. During the Pandemic, he stopped responding to correspondence, and no one in the community has been able to locate him. And we’d really like to know what happened to him.

Wouter has some thoughtful writing What Happens to My Digital Identity When I Die?.


Published: Jun 26, 2024

Last Modified: Jul 2, 2024


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