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Student Websites

This is a bit of a stub written after trying to find a former student. Eventually, I'll add a minimal website kit for students.

If you are a student who is doing stuff, then you should consider making a website. What counts as stuff? Anything! Perhaps you are taking reading courses and writing final papers, or giving talks at seminars, or doing interesting side hustles.

Your own personal website is helpful for a bunch of reasons.

I’m writing this post because I recently wanted to look up a former student. We met each other on campus by chance today, and I wanted to send them an e-mail. They’ve since moved on to another institution, and I didn’t know how to contact them. When I looked them up online, I find a seminar presentation they gave months ago. The seminar page does not include their contact information. And so, here we are.

What should definitely go on your page?

This last point about a personal photo is interesting. The photo is there to say: “This is a reasonable person.” It doesn’t have to be interesting, glamorous, or anything. Just a high quality photo that is instantly recognizable as you.

My Old Blog

I’ve had a blog in one form or another or since about 2010. If you look at that old blog, you can see the sort of stuff that I was doing: I was running mentorships, teaching classes, and being a geek about string figures.

Good Examples


Published: Apr 30, 2024

Last Modified: May 1, 2024


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