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Problem Solving Group

Summary: The UTSC Problem Solving Group meets weekly to learn the art and craft of problem solving. We meet on Tuesdays at 09:00 in IC-220. [full page]

Math Kangaroo 2023 Walk In

Summary: Arrive at UTSC campus at Military Trail and Ellesmere (SW corner) Head Further South East towards the SW Building (Science Wing) [full page]

Math Opportunities Around UToronto

Summary: MathPrograms.org has tonnes of undergraduate research experience opportunities, but primarily focussed on the US. If you’re interested in mathematics, and based in Toronto or Canada, then there are a number of opportunities worth investigating. [full page]


Summary: From Ed Burger: Suppose that $N$ cards are placed on a table with $F$ of them face up. You know the values of $N$ and $F$, but you are unable to see the cards. [full page]

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