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Unread Library Books

On returning a stack of unread library books.

Listen: On Music, Sound, and Us

Thoughtful writing on music and society.

La Baza Legolisto

My progress through Auld’s Baza Legolisto (Basic Reading List).

El La Maniko

A wonderful collection of stories from Rossetti’s life.

Of Solids and Surds

Samuel Delaney shares his deep reflections on a lifetime of writing. A great follow-up to The Motion of Light in Water.

A Memory Called Empire

A thrilling space opera about language, empire, and love.


A vivid portrait of life near Kingston and Galloway.

My Trade Is a Mystery

A poet’s seven short essays about the writing life.

Historio De La Esperanta Literaturo

An encyclopedic view of Esperanto literature.

Excellent Advice for Living

A lot of wisdom compressed down to wonderful epigrams.

La Fenomeno Esperanto

An excellent introduction to the world of Esperanto.

Recommended Reading

This is a list of texts that I often recommend to people together with comments about those books. It is especially heavy on mathematics books, speculative fiction, and writing advice. Links to the Toronto Public Library and UToronto Library are provided.


This book describes the various problems associated with a culture of infinite browsing. It argues against our contemporary tendency to keep our options open and never settle for any one thing.

The Creative Act

A music producer’s cosmic reflections on living creatively.

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