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This page describes what I’m up to now. It is a written version of what I would say that I am doing if we met and you asked me what I am up.

Overthinking Blogging

Thoughts about why it is so easy to overthing blogging.


This website is made with Hugo and themed by accessible minimalism. static images office-camera seminar content notes teaching The favicons for this site were generated from this icon over at icon-icons.


This website generates a number of RSS feeds. If you’ve never heard of RSS feeds before, I recommend reading It explains what RSS feeds are and how to use them.


This blog is for more informal writing which I don’t intend to revise or edit. It’s just day-to-day stuff, quick updates, or ephemenal writing.

What to Do If You Think I Might Be Dead

What to do if you think I might be dead, who to contact, and some thoughts about why that matters.


This is a personal almanac of interesting dates, and local experiences. In a sense, it is the opposite of my now page.

Reading RSS with newsboat and sfeed

How I use newsboat and sfeed to generate a static page of RSS feeds that I follow.

Meta Blogging

This note collects various references related to blogging. Why people blog, how to blog, etc.

Quick Launch

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About the Office Camera

There is a webcam in my office that I use to take photos of the whiteboard. This setup was inspired by Dror Bar Natan’s Blackboard Shots.

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